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tottenhamWe all love Tottenham Hotspur but have you ever thought about making your support a little more official? This great club of ours has a global reach and, no matter where you happen to be in the world, there should be a genuine and approved Tottenham supporters club near you.

But the division of supporters clubs isn’t just carried out on a geographical basis. As we’ll see when we work through this article, many areas of society are covered and it’s a great way of declaring your support while meeting new friends and other like-minded people.

Where in the World?

If you’re based in the UK then you might have been forgiven for thinking that Spurs would have just the one Tottenham supporters club to cover the entire region. That may have been the case several years ago but in the modern day, that kind of restriction no longer applies.

Click on the Tottenham Hotspur official website and you will find no fewer than 42 officially sanctioned supporters clubs in the UK as of September 2019. The majority of these are split on a geographical basis and no matter where you happen to be, there should be a club close by.

Yorkshire Spurs, Luton Spurs, South Devon Spurs, North West Spurs, Scunthorpe Spurs – they’re all here as are many other points in between. We’ve essentially got the United Kingdom covered but what if you happen to live overseas?

All Abroad

irelandOnce again, your first destination is to click on the club’s official website and you will then find a wide set of options. Every continent is covered but for the sake of proximity, we’ll start with Europe.

Starting with the Republic of Ireland, there are 17 Tottenham supporters clubs and these are all divided into a regional basis. Using an alphabetical system, you can search from Athlone to Waterford and cover the whole of the Republic and also parts of Northern Ireland too.

Moving further afield, almost all of western Europe is covered by Spurs supporters clubs. In the main, these are split into countries so you can sign up if you are in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and in many other locations around the continent.

On occasions, you may find that there are separate clubs that appear on a regional basis. We’re talking about Amsterdam and the Walloons but mostly it’s split in terms of countries.

The situation is similar in other parts of the world too but if you’re in North America, things start to get really interesting. This is a vast continent so, in terms of coverage, there is scope for plenty of Tottenham supporters clubs but it’s really surprising to see just how much love there is for Spurs here.

usaClick on the North American section of the Spurs official site and how many clubs would you expect to see – 10, 20, 30…? In fact, there are no fewer than 91 clubs that Spurs officially sanction and are happy to include on their register. It’s so vast that it really doesn’t do justice to just a few but rest assured that if you are in Canada or the USA and you have a love of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, you’ll be more than adequately covered.

We’ll conclude this section by heading into Asia and then into the Rest of the World. Anyone with more than a passing interest in the sport will be aware than the Asian continent is mad about football. Clubs employ betting and other commercial partners to help them gain a foothold in the area and this reach can also be helped by establishing a series of supporters clubs.

As for as Tottenham Hotspur are concerned, Asia currently has 25 supporters clubs which can be found by accessing the link from Spurs’ official website. Once again, the majority of these are split on a national basis with the likes of Thailand, Bangladesh, Japan, Singapore and India receiving coverage.

We finish off the geographical round up with a look at the Rest of the World. There are 29 Tottenham supporters clubs here in total and with Australia being such a vast country, it’s no surprise that there are many regional associations across the land. New Zealand has just one group while there are additional organisations in Chile, Namibia, Brazil, Ethiopia and many more.

It’s a huge reach for such a historic club and it’s somehow reassuring to see so many Tottenham supporters clubs in operation.

Find Your Friends

Locating a Spurs supporters club based on your geographical location is one option but in modern times, there are many other ways to track down those with shared interests who also just happen to be fans of Tottenham Hotspur.

We are living in enlightened times so it’s particularly pleasing to note that the LGBT community is adequately covered by the club. The military are covered too with an Armed Forces and a RAF club while a SpursAbility section represents the Disabled Supporters Association.

One unofficial group that isn’t sanctioned are the Yid supporters. This controversial term is derived from the Jewish origins and connections to Spurs and it was adopted by fans when the term was being used by others as an insult.

There will be others – Tottenham Coys is another that has unofficial status at present so if you don’t want to search the official website, a quick scan of Google should provide details of tottenham supporters clubs that are close to you.

Your Move

It’s been a stuttering start to the 2019/20 campaign for Tottenham Hotspur but if we stop to reflect on just why we support this club, we’ll start to recall the good times. If it’s all about winning trophies then fine – there’s been plenty in our cabinet over the years including league titles, FA Cup wins, European success and more.

We’re proud of this team and what they stand for and it’s marvellous to see a wide set of supporters clubs that reach into all parts of the community. Long may it continue and if you’ve been inspired, it’s maybe time to make your interest in Spurs an official one.

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