Champions League Injury Update: Kane, Vertonghen, Sanchez

harry kane

Harry Kane

It had all looked so positive in terms of Harry Kane’s fitness from the moment the striker sprinted onto the pitch at the end of the Champions League semi final in Amsterdam. It’s not exactly a rigorous fitness test but the player looked healthy and confident with an aura that said – yes, I’ll be joining you in Madrid.

Further shots then emerged showing Kane back in full training and at that stage, we all felt that his participation, from the start, against Liverpool, would be a formality.

However, as this week has progressed, it seems that this may not be the case after all.

The press are reporting that the England captain faces a ‘race against the clock’ to be fit for next Saturday’s final in Madrid and the more negative stories suggest he may not play any part at all. Meanwhile, the Spurs manager was, at least, a little more optimistic.

Moral Support

We’re hoping he’ll be able to give us a hand, either from the start, from the bench or if not, then by giving us moral support in the dressing room.

said Mauricio Pochettino.

But we are optimistic that he’ll be able to help us on the pitch.

The message seems to be one of hope rather than confidence and that feeling also extends to fellow injury victim Jan Vertonghen. The exact same word – hopeful – has been used in connection with the Belgian’s race to be fit, although the most recent reports suggest he is winning that battle.

If you believe the Daily Mail, Jan’s chances of making the starting line up in Madrid are rated as 60/40 and that figure is expected to improve in the days leading up to the final.

News on Davinson Sanchez is a little harder to come by, although the Colombian has featured in the photo, currently doing the rounds, featuring himself, plus Kane and Vertonghen, back in full training. Reports will doubtless be updated on all three in the days that follow but are they all essential to our plans?

International Comfort

jan vertonghen

Jan Vertonghen

The fact that both Harry Kane and Jan Vertonghen have been named in their respective international squads for early June is also seen as a positive sign. It remains to be seen whether either will play a full part but in the case of Kane, England are heading into a competitive match and his presence is more vital.

Back to the Champions League and the need to get all players fit. Most Spurs fans would want to see what they feel is the first choice centre half pairing of Vertonghen and Alderweireld. With Sanchez on the bench as back up, it’s a perfect scenario.

As for Harry Kane, we’ve come through three full UCL games without him but in the league at least, his scoring contributions were sorely missed at the end of a long campaign. Would Harry and Jan walk back into the side if they are 100% fit? We certainly think so and we’ll be keenly following news updates as the countdown to Madrid continues.

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