Most Iconic Tottenham Hotspur Kits

The annual release of a club’s new kit is one step on the road to the new season. Soon we’ll have the announcement of the Premier League fixture list and that’s another box to tick off.

Some of us are actually happy for summer to last but for those who are ticking off the days to a new campaign, Tottenham’s new kit is a welcome sight. There isn’t a great deal to get excited about in terms of the design – it’s white, it has a blue trim and it has the same sponsors as last year. However, the news does give us the chance to look back over history and run the rule over the best Spurs kits of all time.

Keeping it Simple

What could be more nostalgic than Spurs’ classic white shirt? The plain design covered many decades having been first introduced way back in 1898. And it essentially stayed that way until 1977 when blue admiral piping was placed around the sleeves and shoulders.

The first sponsor came along in 1983 when Holsten added their name to the shirt and their offering is very much a classic kit in its own right. To be fair to them and all subsequent sponsors and designers, they have stayed faithful to the classic white shirt / blue shorts combination but what is it about that kit – after all it’s just a plain white shirt?

The clue is in the badge: The cockerel that has overseen pain and glory for more than a hundred years. With a plain white design, attention is drawn to that badge and you just can’t beat it.

tottenham hotspur kits

1962-1963 EUR, 1967-1975, 1983-1985, Anniversary 2007

Mighty Thirds

Over in this camp, the loss in Madrid is still hurting. Presumably the pain will ease in time and we’ll be able to look back over the 2018/19 Champions League campaign with great fondness. When that day finally comes, there will be an unlikely colour combination that accompanies the happy memories.

Let’s be honest, there aren’t that many third kits that deserve a place in our hearts. They are either evocative of very poor seasons or they are simply dreadful designs in their own right. The chocolate brown from 2006/07 evoked memories of Coventry City thirty years earlier while the all black 2008/09 design wasn’t much better.

However, we expect to see plenty of supporters wearing the 2018/19 green and blue for next season. It’s Moura in Amsterdam, it’s Sonny in Manchester and a time when we were all dreaming of the ultimate prize.

Europe Conquered

spurs 2018/2019 kit

Hotspurs 2018/19 Kit

Those Glory Glory nights: Once again, we have what seems to be a very plain design but the very sight of it evokes so many happy recollections. In this section, we’re going to include two kits – firstly, there is the classic all white that is associated with European nights at White Hart Lane.

According to the historians, this first appeared in 1956 in what was known as the floodlights kit. This disappeared for a while but was reintroduced for our first season in Europe – 1961/62 – and it’s largely been with us ever since.

So, we’re talking about the 1963 European Cup Winners Cup victory, UEFA Cup Glory in 1972 and, that unforgettable night against Anderlecht in 1984. At this point, a very special mention goes to the all-light blue kit that was worn for the first leg of the final in Belgium. Once again, it’s a classic but simple design and we can still see plenty of white home shirts and blue away shirts from that unforgettable 1983/84 season.

Happy Anniversary

It’s not often that a kit appears so briefly yet endures for so long. In 2007, Spurs came along with the anniversary kit for a home match with Aston Villa and for a brief moment, we were turned into Blackburn Rovers. The design didn’t quite match that of the team from Ewood Park but it was close enough for some.

Essentially, for those who don’t remember, it was separated into halves. The upper part of the shirt was half white and half pale blue and that design also extended to the sleeves. It was an exciting time for historians as this version mirrored kits that were worn by the club in the 1880s and it was brought out to mark the 125th anniversary of the club.

It was worn by the players – Berbatov, Kaboul, Keane and others – for just one solitary match but yet again, the memory lives on thanks to a hardcore set of supporters who keep this in their retro collection.

70s Nostalgia

Obviously, some of these choices are going to be very personal and it’s unlikely that readers will agree 100% with our selections. For this writer, the 1970s were spent growing up and watching Spurs – mainly at home with the occasional away trip to other grounds in London.

These were the days when the away kit was rarely worn – usually only when there was a clash with the home team. So, when the yellow away jersey came out, it was a special occasion and years later, the retro version would become an early purchase via the Toffs website.

Throughout the decade there were two distinct designs. It’s shown that yellow was first used, briefly, in the 1950s, before becoming a more official away kit for the 1969/70 campaign. Like our home shirts of the time, the original designs were just plain with the club badge and nothing else. A small trim appeared in 1975 and then we had the later Admiral flashes and it’s this kit that is the most iconic as far as many fans are concerned.

Yellow endured for a long time and was a familiar sight during the Teddy and Jurgen season of 1994/95. If you ignore the odd-looking mustard colour of 2016/17, we’ve not seen it in action since the 2014/15 campaign and that’s a shame. Green and blue may have been a surprising favourite for the 2018/19 Champions League run but we’re anxious for the iconic Spurs yellow to make a reappearance.

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