Spurs Round Up: THFC Offer to Donate Stadium to NHS

Tottenham continue to remain in the news despite the current enforced downtime due to Coronavirus. Transfer talk remains rife and in these difficult days, the club is doing what it can to help fight the cause.

Almost inevitably, Harry Kane features in our round up today while the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium may soon be offering its facilities in the ongoing battle to save lives.

THFC Hospital

Spurs Round Up: THFC Offer to Donate Stadium to NHS
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

A number of individual players and football clubs have looked to help out during the Covid-19 crisis by offering their facilities to the NHS. Accommodation is needed for workers while buildings have been set up as temporary hospitals.

It’s now Tottenham’s turn to join in with Chairman Daniel Levy making the stadium available to the NHS to use in whichever way they can. It’s already been put into action with the car park utilised as a storage area for food which is then being distributed to various charities.

Speaking to the media, Daniel Levy said:

As a club, we have always been clear about our commitment to the wider community – never has this been more important than it is now.

We are immensely proud of the efforts of everybody involved in the fight against COVID-19 and see today as just the start of what we can do as a club to assist.

The positive news is somewhat in contrast to a new announcement regarding Spurs’ non-playing staff. It’s been revealed that some 550 personnel will have to take a pay cut of 20% in April and May while the club leans on government support to help meet the wage bill. It seems an unlikely scenario that a club who pays their top players six-figure weekly salaries needs to look for support and it’s inevitably led to a backlash.

Kane Talk

Harry Kane Injury
Harry Kane

The update on Harry Kane revolves around two very contrasting pundits. Both Chris Sutton and Ian Wright were strikers but that’s where the similarity ends with Sutton making very little sense with the majority of his comments.

Remember, this is a man who said that Celtic should be handed the SPL title before stating that the English Premier League would be scrapped so perhaps we should ignore his quotes claiming that Harry Kane would be ‘stupid’ to turn down Liverpool or Manchester City.

As for Wright, most of us would be prepared to accept that he’s our favourite former Arsenal player and, unlike some of his teammates, he’s always ready to offer Spurs some credit when it’s clearly due.

Speaking on the subject of Harry Kane, Wright told BBC 5 Live:

Kane did say ‘next year will be the first chance the gaffer will have to bed his values into the team.

That says to me he is somebody who is already thinking of next year, so he’s not going anywhere.

If nothing happens and Harry Kane decides to leave then you have you have to say ‘well, he’s under Mourinho, nothing has changed’. He wants to win medals.

You can’t have that kind of ability, that kind of goalscorer who is able to win matches, and not win anything. You can’t.

This one will continue to rumble on but perhaps this 5 Live debate should be encouraging. With Ian Wright and Chris Sutton entering a discussion, Wrighty is always the one you should follow.

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