He’s One of Our Own: But for How Much Longer?

Harry Kane Injury
Harry Kane

It was, perhaps, inevitable that the gossip columns would be full of rumours relating to the future of Harry Kane. For the last two seasons, the club had been progressing and while, yes, we hadn’t won a trophy, high league positions and a Champions League final were adequate compensation for all of us.

This season, however, it’s all fallen apart and as the club faces up to the prospect of no Champions League football in 2020/21, the rumour mills are in full swing.

Should He Stay or Should He Go Now?

As with any transfer ‘story’ it’s hard to know if there is any substance behind these articles but we can, at least, understand why they’ve started up again. Among the likely destinations is Juventus where there’s no doubt that Harry would be in the frame for some trophies.

Juve are the most successful Serie A club in recent years and finished last season with their eighth straight divisional title. The question of winning medals is a theme that runs through many of the reports right now and if Harry were to switch to Turin, he’s virtually guaranteed to be a winner. Conflicting suggestions state that he would be incompatible with Cristiano Ronaldo and that’s probably a fair comment. Apart from taking this observation from purely a playing perspective, CR7 doesn’t seem to like to share the limelight with anyone on the pitch and that could be an issue with this potential deal.

United We Fall

Moving closer to home, there has been an inevitable link to Manchester United who will undoubtedly be on the lookout for a new striker when the transfer window eventually does open. Marcus Rashford will definitely be back following long term injury but the loan deal involving Odion Ighalo will see the former Watford man leave Old Trafford at the end of the campaign.

Kane and Rashford could work together but is United really the big draw that it once was? A quick look at the gossip columns on Sunday morning – March 22 – reveals that John Barnes has ‘sent a message’ to Harry Kane about a potential move to Old Trafford. We fell for the clickbait and expected Barnes to offer to drive Kane to Manchester but that wasn’t the case.

Instead, the former England winger made a very valid point that, if every player available for transfer was desperately seeking a trophy, they’d all be looking for a move to Barcelona or similar. Manchester United are not a major force in European football right now and would Kane have any greater chance of winning silverware than he does at the moment?

Staying Put?

Quotes have emerged in the past week that seem to underline Kane’s allegiance to the cause. He’s re-asserted his loyalty as a Spurs fan and the words would have calmed a number of supporters.

We’ve mentioned just two clubs in the previous sections but there are more. Real Madrid and Manchester City are a couple of others but let’s face it, we could throw in all of the major European clubs and it would be simple enough to suggest a link.


Of course, the issues and the ongoing situation with Coronavirus means that some of the transfer reports are assuming that the season will be completed as planned. If, however, the Premier League is forced to abandon the campaign, what happens then? Would clubs that had qualified for the Champions League at the end of 2018/19 be automatically included in the hat for 2020/21?

The question regarding the end of this campaign could put all potential transfers on hold for the foreseeable future. Just when will the window kick into play if the 2019/20 season continues to be pushed back? Overall, there are just so many questions about this deal that we can’t see it happening just yet. Even if Kane does have a problem with Jose Mourinho as reports are suggesting, the new manager promised to make him a winner and on that basis, Harry will give it a full season at least. Then there is the question of loyalty and of being a Spurs fan…

We’re not in the business of touting our players around and other club blogs get criticised for doing this but these stories bear analysis, particularly at this strange time when there’s not much else to talk about. In our opinion, Kane is going nowhere for now but the situation at the end of this season, when it finally comes, and the eventual start of 2020/21 could be pivotal to his career.

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