How are Spurs Staff Occupying Their Downtime?

How are Spurs Staff Occupying Their Downtime?
José Mourinho helps out

This is a difficult time for all of us and while spending so much time in isolation, it can be extremely tricky to find ways in which to occupy our waking hours. Getting enough regular exercise is exceptionally tough and if you have a small garden or no garden at all, fresh air is at a premium.

During the enforced break, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club have been active in a number of ways and one of their aims is to get fans moving again during this unprecedented period. If you’re struggling to put a plan together while quarantined at home, please take a few moments to check out this article and the video that it links to.

Home Workout

As athletes at the peak of their physical prowess – well most of them – we should, perhaps, listen when Spurs members of staff offer a home fitness tutorial. You can find it here on YouTube and let’s face it, unless you are a key worker deployed on the front line, you’ll surely have a spare 16 minutes and 18 seconds to watch it through.

In the company of our three trainers Adam, Belvin and Katrina, we start with some gentle warm ups. This essentially starts with some gentle jogging on the spot which starts to intensify over a couple of minutes or so. As the trainers state, this can be the most important part of the workout as you cannot just dive straight in to intense exercise before your body is properly tuned in.

Moving on from that initial phase, the team prepare to start the workout for real. Jogging combined with some fist pumps follow with a reminder to go at your own pace. Gradually, that pace continues and we build up at a consistent speed for the majority of the 16 minute video.

When all is done, the trio then go into some warm down exercises before bringing the video to its conclusion. It’s quite a lengthy clip so we would recommend watching it through first before embarking on the routines shown within but it is worth persevering with. Many of us are now rooted at home with no plan to keep active and for us learners with no clear ideas, this is a great place to start.

Jose Helps Out

While we can look to take on board the advice from that home workout, one of our key staff has been doing his bit to help the local community. Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho was recently seen in Enfield, helping out Age UK as they delivered shopping and essential items to local elderly and vulnerable residents.

Jose helped to build the parcels that were subsequently delivered to those in need in the local area and his efforts were greatly appreciated by the charities involved. Enfield is a big hub of Spurs support and the town is almost on the doorstep of the club’s training ground so it’s good to see the manager doing his bit in these troubled times.

Along with Age UK, the charity Love Your Doorstep were also benefiting from Mourinho’s efforts as he said:

I am here to help Age UK Enfield, Love Your DoorStep Enfield and of course you can donate food, money or be a volunteer.

Quiet Times

Staff and players are doing their bit to help the community but these are worrying times for some. In the UK, the Daily Telegraph has reported that businesses in the immediate area around the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium are facing up to the eerie silence that has fallen in recent weeks. Since the report came out, the UK has been put into lockdown so many of those businesses have been forced to close as they are providing non-essential goods and services.

The article underlines just how much the area relies on the football club to provide custom in these dark hours and, while it’s a concern that is being reflected all over the country, it is an interesting read for those who are used to walking along a crowded Tottenham High Road.

We all wait impatiently for the end of this quarantine period and a time when life can get back to normal. Part of that normality is a regular set of football fixtures and the chance to praise or complain about our team, depending on the result.

To be perfectly honest and assuming the 2019/20 season is completed, we wouldn’t care if there was a run of defeats – we’re just desperate for it all to pick up again. In the meantime, we’ll take on board every piece of news involving the club and look ahead to happier times. If you try out this workout or, if you’ve had your groceries packed and delivered by Jose Mourinho, why not let us know…

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