Best Tottenham YouTube Channels – By Followers

There are some great Spurs-themed YouTube channels out there. We all have our favourites but, in terms of followers, these are the biggest around.

Tottenham Hotspur

The club’s official channel is probably the best place to start. Only here will you find the official news updates from the club regarding contracts, injuries, team news, signings and more.

It has around 2.14 million followers which puts it some way clear of the rest of the pack. There will generally be at least one update per day during the football season plus additional videos on a slightly less regular basis throughout the summer.


Of the many fan sites that are around, the sheer number of subscribers to WeAreTottenham suggests that this must be one of the best. In terms of frequency, it’s hard to beat with several posts a day dropping in at busy news times.

There’s a lot of speculation about new players and formations on here and the channel can spark some lively debate. It’s also a good source of match highlights that keep fans in the loop.

WeAreTottenhamTV youtube channel

George Achillea

A dedicated Spurs fan, George Achillea gives us an entertaining channel based largely on opinion. There’s lots to challenge fans here and, while you may not always agree, the views are always interesting.

The frequency isn’t quite so high – maybe one post a week on average – but they are worth waiting for.

George Achillea youtube channel

Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin

This is definitely the channel to follow if you are interested in ground tours. Tottenham travel all around the UK and beyond but what are those stadiums like?

Chris Cowlin offers the chance to see for yourself with comprehensive videos of our away trips. There’s news and views too with at least one post a day to keep viewers entertained.

Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin channel

Tottenham Fan Vlogs

As the name suggests, this is a video channel made by a fan for Spurs fans. Insight and reaction to games is the main aim for this entertaining page.

Frequency of posting can vary at times but you can usually find at least one video with a reaction to our latest performance – good or bad.

Tottenham Fan Vlogs channel

Matt Hayes – Tottenham Blog

This blog from Matt Hayes deals primarily with transfer news and gossip and there’s always plenty of that to get through where Tottenham Hotspur are concerned.

There are some news updates too and some match highlights but the Vlog focuses on comings and goings. Posts may be sporadic on occasions but there is much more to take on board when the transfer windows are actually open.

Matt Hayes Tottenham Blog Channel


Another channel with a fan’s perspective has attracted a healthy set of subscribers which is now approaching the 3k mark. Expect to see at least one update a week on the most recent game.

Often, the owner is at the games while at other times he’s watching at home with his family. It’s not a unique concept but these are entertaining videos that are worth a watch.

Lee the Dorset Spur

He may be marooned down in Dorset but Lee is a dedicated Spurs fan and he has a lot to say about his, and our, favourite club.

Opinion videos are the focus here but there is some action from trips interspersed. Lee is forthright with his views and will always spark a debate. Expect to see him update the channel around once a week.

Spurs Only

This is a fascinating vlog that really gets into the heart of the fans. In-game scenes are always entertaining and this is one of the best outlets for that.

Unfortunately there haven’t been any updates for a while, at the time of writing, but hopefully Spurs Only will get back on track very soon.

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